IP Security

Netvia knows that securing your data connections is extremely important. On every connection we install a firewall which we will manage and monitor pro-actively 24 x 7.

Netvia offers security solutions on hardware devices or as a virtual firewall. The virtual firewall can for example be used on virtual private server or in Cloud solutions.

Security as a Service - Netvia offers its security solutions as a monthly fixed price without the one off costs for an appliance/software. This service can be cancelled on a monthly base.

Managed Firewall - Security as a Service

Netvia delivers a firewall based on the latest technologies and as per your specifications. Whether this is a Hardware or Virtual firewall. Statefull inspection or deep packet inspection.

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Private WAN connection

Your network is completely secure with our Private WAN Services. These private WAN connections are not build over the internet, but are a direct connection from location A to B.

Managed VPN

Netvia Managed IP VPN connects your local networks and offices together as one corporate network. Every office is connected to the internet. Then we will use a high encryption standard to secure the data connections between your offices.

SSL VPN & Token authentication

Teleworkers can use different internet connections to login on the corporate network. For example a public WiFi connection at the airport. It is very important to secure these connections. Netvia protects your data by using advanced routing and VPN connections.

Users are allowed to login with a token generated code and personal PIN. The token generates a code that can only be used within the next 30 seconds.